8 Best Lakes to SUP in Central Oregon

If you’re from Oregon you know how many lakes we have. If you’re not, you’ve probably at least heard of its recent obsession with stand up paddle boarding (SUP for short). If you go to Arizona you’ll hike a bunch of hills and explore canyons. In Oregon, you paddleboard lakes. You don’t question it. You just do. In 2014 outside magazine ranked Bend, Oregon as the number one place to SUP in the world. Not just in the states, but the world. When something is the best in the world, it’s worth trying. But here’s the problem. With so many lakes to choose from in Oregon, where should you start? Consider the following 8 which I consider to be the 8 best places to stand up paddle board in Oregon. Sparks Lake Sparks Lake Map This is probably my favorite spot. I would recommend going early in the morning. There are plenty of arms in the lake that lead into amazing beaches. Make one your own. Every time I go I feel as if I find a new spot. You’re in Deschuttes county so either bring your own paddle board or rent one at Tumalo Creek. There are plenty of great places to camp around the area just make sure you get your day pass. Suttle Lake Suttle Lake Map This is a more challenging lake. There is more wind and more boat traffic so the water will not be as calm. The docks are a cool place to spend some time and the campgrounds are excellent. It is known for floating reed paths, which you can navigate through. Needless to say it’s a very popular spot in the summer. For all your housing and rental needs, head to The Shuttle Lodge. It’s one of the reasons Suttle Lake is on this list. It’s simply amazing. Elk Lakes Elk Lakes Map Elk Lake feels romantic with its volcanic landscape. Its beauty is enough to put it on this list. On top of that, it’s where the Gerry Lopez SUP Race Series are held. If you are a SUP enthusiast you likely know what that means. The Elk lake marina is where you can satisfy all of your SUP rental needs. They’re great friendly staff and will answer any and all your questions. Cultus Lake Marina Cultus Lake Map This one is another beauty as a glacier formed it. It can be difficult as it allows high speed boating. It’s one of the few places that do. For all of your rental needs go to the marina. Just don’t go on Monday since the restaurant is closed and you’ll miss out on the great food. Lost Lake https://goo.gl/maps/6vDxAzgC6T82 The Mt. Hood National Park region has some beautiful spots for SUP. This is one of the twoLost Lake Map best Lakes there. It’s very SUP friendly and you get the greatest view of Mt. Hood. For all of your rental needs head to the park’s marina. They have everything you need. Make sure to check the roads ahead of time, it’s in a difficult area where often the roads are closed. Trillium Lake Trillium Lake Map Trillium Lake is very close to lost lake. They are very similar. It is the other best lake to go to in the Mt. Hood National park. Go to the same place for rentals and make sure you check the traffic conditions ahead of time. It also has an amazing view of Mt. Hood but is less SUP friendly than Lost Lake. But second best is still worth exploring if you have the time. Vancouver Lake Vancouver Lake Map I felt the need to include a place closer to Portland. It’s very close to the city. It is a huge body of water for SUP and feels endless at times. Make sure to go when it’s not windy. But the boating speed is well regulated which makes it extra SUP friendly. For all of your rental needs use Suportland. They give you a great deal. These guys will even deliver to you. Tumalo Creek Canoe & Kayak Tumalo Creek Map This one’s kind of cheating because it’s not really a lake. It’s a creek. But it’s an excellent spot to SUP. You can also come here for rentals before heading to the lakes in the Bend area. I included it on the list because it has a great YOGA night on the paddleboards. I’m not a big yoga fanatic, but there’s something about doing it on a paddleboard that is enlightening. Sign up and check it out. Where are your favorite spots for SUP? Feel free to share in the comments below. Main image from Wiki Commons