Stand Up Paddleboard in Astoria, Oregon

SUP in Astoria, Oregon

Stand Up Paddleboarding is the new hot sport in Astoria, Oregon, nestled in the mouth of River Columbia. The seafront town is named so in the honor of the first millionaire in the US, John Astor. Perhaps, it is its nautical legacy that made it such a hit amongst water sports adventurers. Astoria is no more a haunt of broke artists and the trending nature of water sports is helping that, especially the sport of stand up paddleboard in Astoria Oregon.

Don’t be fooled by the way an expert makes stand-up paddleboarding looks so effortless. It might look as though the board and the boarder are one. Alas, acquiring a board and taking it to a water body is the easiest bit. Standing up and paddling into the sunset is not. Yes, it takes incredible strength, focus and skill to get your paddleboard to a certain speed and time the pace in accordance with that of the waves.

Strictly speaking, it calls for a good understanding of the sea, especially if you are planning to master downwind stand up paddleboarding. Ability to gauge the patterns of the waves and draw astute conclusions on how and when to steer and paddle all the while keeping your balance takes months and months of practice to achieve.

Astoria SUP Rental

Standing Up Paddleboards are not exactly cheap. It is not worth to buy one if you are going to use it once and chuck it away to collect dust. If you don’t feel like investing in SUP gears, renting them out until you learn the sport properly is a good idea. There are plenty of SUP rental options in Astoria (like Clatso Paddle) and paddle boarding lessons for all tastes. You can find many such establishments that rent out SUP gears near Coffenbury Lake in Astoria.

Astoria SUP Lessons

Unlike other adventurous or extreme sports, anyone can learn to SUP. You can start learning right from age 3. Many people learn by themselves or with the help of family or friends. But you can also get trained from professionals in Astoria at a nominal fee. It is strongly recommended that you practice on a day when water is calm if you are learning by yourself.

SUPs and surfboards are not one and the same, although they share the same roots. SUP is now a distinct sport in itself. You stand upright on the board facing the horizon. There is an elongated paddle with a slight bend in the center that can help you push forward. Another challenge is to resist the tendency to look down at the feet constantly. It is not only dangerous but also defeats the purpose of sightseeing.

Image sourced from Clatso Paddle Company

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